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"In Charts We Trust"

On the pages of chart analysis, see Square theoretical principles of technical analysis, such as various Chart patterns, examples of indicators, historical theories and many more. Focus is, however, Chart analyzes that are presented in the public forum.

The main features of our chart analysis

  1. Focus on particularly promising chart setups
  2. Index Charts serve only to assess the overall situation
  3. High degree of probability by the combination of point 1 +2
  4. General information on technical chart analysis and its tools

It focuses on the current chart analyzes of different underlying assets, which are published in chart analysis forum.

Nobody can predict the future course of stock prices, but the goal of technical analysis, it is also "only" probabilities to weigh to be a positive to obtain risk-reward ratio.

Unlike other charting sites

Unlike other websites that deal with the daily technical chart analysis and forecasts publish for FTSE, Dow Jones and Gold, the focus of Chartanalysen Square is the identification of interesting and promising chart setup (pattern + formations).

Daily dozens of underlying assets (individual stocks, forex & Commodities) screened for promising chart patterns to recognize!

The chart analyzes of main indexes, such as Dow, S&P500 and Dow Jones are, therefore, in principle only overall assessment of the situation. This is the technical chart analysis of individual values quite significant because interesting chart setups that fit into the overall picture of the situation, have a much higher probability of success!

Of course there is also this strategy does not guarantee success, but it is "only" our aim to increase the opportunities and minimize the risk.


For all exposures in the stock market should in principle of capital preservation are at the forefront to possible too unemotional and carefree act in the arena of Bull & Bear can!

Good luck & good Trades
the CS team

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