Chartanalysen Square - Prerequisites


In addition to personal skills & experience the technical equipment is decisive for the continued success in the analysis of financial markets. Much like a top athlete, by the first-class Equipment and qualified support to optimize its performance, also requires the active traders adequate technical equipment.

Particularly the rapid expansion of e-commerce and thus greatly simplified order execution make the Trading in today's increasingly popular. For equity funds savings plans go nowadays fewer young People to a bank manager, but information from the internet and make a corresponding order directly from their Online broker one. An active trader, however, has rightly much higher expectations than someone who from time to time set up a savings plan!

The equipment should be designed and tailored to the personal trading style!

What should I be then?

1. The hardware (PC, monitor)
2. The software (for example charting programs)
3. Broker selection
4. Other (Internet connection, power supply)

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