Chartanalysen Square - Prerequisites

Broker Choice

Before you can act on the basis of own or others' analyzes and actively leveraged, you have to decide for a broker. The decision for a particular provider can in principle with choosing a bank compared. There, too, there are different target groups, conditions and account models with very different product tools. This cleared the way for their own trading account is not an infinite random walk, one should first clarify some questions.

It is important that the broker according to the personal needs (trading style, holding period, trading instrument etc.) is chosen.

So let's ask a few questions about yourself to us!

1. What action do I want? Certificates or CFDs?
2. How is my trading style? Day trader or swing trader?
3. What Underlying trades I want? Indices, equities, commodities, currencies?
4. What is my trading capital?
5. Do I need a professional charting tool I use a broker or an external program?

Only then are the specific benefits of the broker to the fore!

1. As the conditions of the broker (eg, order fees, spread, etc.)?
2. How user-friendly is the trading platform?
3. What types of orders and stop-loss options are offered?
4. How good is the service / support?
5. Is there currently offers interesting new customers?

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