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Market Wisdom

"The fascinating thing about the stock market is that gain 1,000 percent, but can only lose 100 percent. "

unknown author

"Most people do not come through to property speculation, but by proper observation of long-term trends. "

Heinz Brestel

"If you have no money, you always think of money. Times when a lot of money, they think only of money."

Jean Paul Getty, Íl-Tycoon (1892 - 1976)

"The markets can remain irrational longer, as you are solvent. "

John Keynes

"Money does not bring happiness. It also belong to stocks, gold and real estate."

Danny Kaye, US-Komiker (1913-1985)

"The price of a stock has never been something to do with the value of a stock, but with the fear or the greed of investors."

Roland Flach, Manager

"I'm probably right in not more than half the cases, but I earn a lot of money simply, if I'm right, and I lose as little money as possible when I'm wrong."

George Soros

"The actions of some shares as a transfer of a burning match The Last burns his fingers -.. Screams and then of course"


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